Maria Aurora Villamater

Testing Center Coordinator and Education and Employment Coach

I am a Testing Center Coordinator and an Education and Employment Coach at the IT Career Connection Center of North Central Texas College (NCTC).  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from Miriam College Foundation, Inc. Philippines; a master of Arts in Computer Education from AMA Computer University, Philippines; and Post - MA in Applied Linguistics from Montclair State University with a goal of getting into Computational Linguistics.

For 18 years, I have worked in private adult schools, community colleges and universities in and out of the US, teaching Developmental English (DE), Intensive English (IEP), and Graduate English Skills (GESP) to prepare international college students for the demands of US higher education.  This has strengthened my skills in one to one student coaching, ensuring students’ success in their chosen degrees.   As an experienced adult educator and academic coach, my goal is to help recognize and empower student accomplishments at NCTC.  As a Testing Center Coordinator, I also work as the college’s partner in ensuring student success in obtaining certifications.

I am in the process of writing two books, one inspiration series and one language instructional.  I am also a music and sewing enthusiast.  In addition, my husband and I are very active in serving the community through the Altrusa International Club of Denton and in senior and music ministries of our church. Aside from this, I am a TOEFL rater for ETS. 

I am an advocate for higher education and am committed to highly supporting students who are pursuing a goal of obtaining a certification and/or a degree.