Pine Technical and Community College Update: With Spring Comes Renewal


With spring comes renewal, especially here in Minnesota, right?  Renewal is what’s happening here with RITA at PTCC!  Renewed programs, renewed enthusiasm, renewed recruitment and renewed projects.  Let me speak about a few.

Spring 2016 brings the first official semester of our Cyber-Security AAS degree and our first graduate of the program.  We have our first student being hired by one of our business partners and new interns are starting with our partners this summer.  Kris Hanson and Heidi Braun have been very active in reaching out to our industry partners through onsite visits.  Their efforts have resulted in many of our partners confirming their commitments for internships, advisory involvement and possible scholarships for IT students.  It’s been great to see the continued interest from our partners and the resulting impact for students at PTCC.

We have reorganized personnel within RITA and PTCC and with that comes renewed opportunities for collaboration and sharing resources.  Collaboration has increased with student affairs and admissions.  We’re joining forces to increase marketing, streamline the admission’s process and support all students.  We are also working jointly on the upcoming community picnic and IT open house event.

We have two special projects in the works.  In an effort to meet the needs of businesses and working professionals, we’re looking at new ways to package and deliver IT courses.  This will create an opportunity for those who wish to expand their knowledge and skills within specific IT areas the opportunity to do so by taking one or two courses taught by highly-qualified instructors.  Details are being worked out at the time of this writing and updates will follow. 

Along with new tech equipment in the networking, cyber and computer science programs, we’re investing in larger upgrades to the IT infrastructure on the PTCC campus.  We’re investing in new instructional technologies for use in classroom presentations, which will improve both in-class and distance learning.  We’re also upgrading some areas that are heavily used by IT students, including the study rooms, the Veteran’s Center, and the tutoring center.  This will improve the campus life experience for IT students.  The improvements will focus on creating classrooms and collaborative spaces that support and enhance the IT learning environment and help the students build the skills they will need in industry. Most of the upgrades will take place over the summer of 2016.

Renewal may just be contagious, so stay tuned for exciting opportunities with RITA here at PTCC.