First-Year Mobile App Development Students Apply Their Knowledge at Central Lakes College


The secret is about to get out.  Mobile Application Development at Central Lakes College (CLC) is a program at the forefront of preparing students for budding careers in our tech driven world.  Just ask students in instructor Sam Espana’s Android Application Development Fundamentals course. 

Take Alex for example.  Alex is a first-year student in the Mobile Application Development program at CLC and like many students, he’s tried college before.  After creating an app that functions as an information hub for college events, Alex got the idea for his next app.  The lawn care company where Alex currently works uses a paper system for tracking their time and services.  Everyone working for the company has a phone.  You see where this is going?  While still in an Android fundamentals course, Alex has already started work on an app that will likely replace the paper system, which he says, “Will make life so much easier.”



Tom is technically still a junior in high school, but he already has a job in tech and he’s amassed a significant amount of college credits.  As a student in Espana’s Android fundamentals course, Tom is currently creating an app that will help him improve as a guitar player.  The app Tom is building will help people increase the speed at which they’re able to learn chords, switch between chords and do so while staying in time.  He’s essentially programming an Android guitar tutor!

Are these students exceptionally brilliant?  Maybe.  However, it doesn’t take long to realize that a large factor in the success of students in the Mobile App Development program is instructor Sam Espana. 

“I love teaching mobile applications development because it’s fun,” says Espana. 

“Also, there’s never a dull moment, because in class, we develop applications for the businesses students work for, or their family owned businesses,” Espana continues.  “I give them assignments, but they’re the ones who propose the projects they want to work on.  Sometimes they come up with ideas that are really unique, so there’s never a dull moment and it’s very exciting.”    

David, another student in the Android fundamentals course, wasn’t sure what type of project he wanted to work on.  Espana threw out the suggestion of building a website that features and tracks flowers and he showed David some examples.  The light bulb went off.  David’s mother owns a wedding flower business.  Programming primarily in Java and C#, David is currently working on a site that he plans to add e-commerce capabilities to and replicate for his mother’s business.

Whether you speak with students in the Mobile App Development program at CLC, or instructor Sam Espana, it’s clear there’s excitement about the program and the skills students are learning to apply.  This fact was clearly evidenced during a recent class session when Espana told students it was time for a break and none of the students stopped working!